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Bobcat operators are used for a myriad of tasks both at home and in construction sites.They help save loads of time making work easier when it comes to building site cleanups, heavy duty sweeping, loading of retaining walls, pad and footing preparation, site leveling, vegetation clearing and a lot more. When you need them to perform a task, it is important to carry out thorough research to end up with an expert bobcat hire company in Perth who knows what they are doing to enjoy top-notch services. Other scenarios when to hire a bobcat operator includes:

Bobcat Activities

bobcat hire company in Perth


A new landscape design requires clearing up the area and moving earth around. Bobcat engineers came in handy at this point as they can help to get rid of small retaining walls, garden beds, digging up old turfs as well as levelling the ground to prepare for layering of a new turf. Moving mounds and dirt in a bid to develop valleys and hills are also part of landscaping that bobcat operators can achieve within minutes.


Post Hole Digging

When you want to dig holes for posts, it can take a lot of energy for one person to do it. However, when a bobcat operator uses his/her machine for digging, you will have your posts up within no time. The professional will come with a device that has a post hole digger attachment to clear up the area first if need be. From here, the expert can proceed to dig the holes which can be up to 450mm wide and 2 meters deep. The same practice also comes in handy when you want to plant large plants and small trees as the piece of equipment can dig out the holes for their root systems.


Constructing a New Pool

The construction of a new pool is another instance when to hire a bobcat operator. Men with shovels would probably take many years to dig a hole for a new pool. With an excavator, however, it may only take a couple of hours. You do not have to worry if access to your home or property is tight because a bobcat operator can use a micro or mini excavator to gain access to work on the pool.


Under House Excavations

There are times when constructing additional rooms beneath the house, is the best idea to bypass strict council restrictions, or save on yard space. Most of the times you will need to excavate the areas beneath your home to make room for the new additions. Hiring a bobcat operator would be ideal for such a scenario to speed things up so that you can get into the construction of the new room right away without too many complications.


Footing and Trenches

Finally, another instance when to hire a bobcat operator is when you need trenches to lay pipes or garden irrigation equipment. The professional can also be useful when you want footing for your new home. The professionals know how to navigate tight and small spaces to ensure that it does not take years to pour concrete for footing or lay pipes when digging trenches.